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Foreign Language Typesetting/DTP

Internationalising your documents:

We can, upon request, translate and lay out all your foreign language documents, such as catalogues, brochures or operating manuals.  Our service includes typesetting in all European languages in all commercially available layout programmes. 

The advantages for you?
Both parts of the process – translating the text and typesetting in the appropriate DTP programme – are done under one roof and subjected to a final check by a native speaker before being returned to you. This saves a huge amount of time for you, and makes it easier to incorporate any changes that may need to be made later.


Overview of the DTP workflow:

  • step 1: the source text will be extracted from the layout file by using state-of-the-art software
  • step 2: translation and proofreading/editing according to four-eyes-principle
  • step 3: foreign language typesetting by a DTP expert and generation of a PDF (galley proof) for the final check
  • step 4: final check of set file by a native speaker
  • step 5: delivery of translation and all layout files to the client
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